Lavendelkrem 4 oz (113 g) Krukke
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Lavendelkrem, 4 oz (113 g) Krukke

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Stop spending money at the spa, and bring the spa to your home! Our Lavender Body Cream is infused with 100% pure essential oil to heighten your relaxing, aromatic moisturizing experience. Lather your body with this sumptuous lotion which is sure to leave your body feeling smooth and well cared for. Enriched with coconut oil and free of parabens as well as SLS, you’ll have a peace of mind while pampering yourself!

Piping Rock's Promise:

We proudly offer you our evolving selection of Beauty & Personal Care products at the best value in the industry! From Clay Powders, to Organic Certified Coconut Oil, Biotin & Keratin Supplements, soothing Creams, Serums & More, we have you covered. We offer an endless variety of favorites that’s always evolving to meet every unique beauty trend. Our formulas are crafted through environmentally-friendly practices with Cruelty-Free testing and rigid safety standards.

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