Kokosolje 100 % naturlig til hud og hår 7 fl oz (207 mL) Krukke
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Kokosolje 100 % naturlig til hud og hår, 7 fl oz (207 mL) Krukke

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What is Coconut Oil?Piping Rock Coconut Oil 100% Natural Organic Certified for Hair & Skin

Coconut oil is derived from the smooth, white flesh found on the inside of this familiar fruit’s hard exterior. It’s what gives coconuts their distinct tropical aroma and flavor! A uniquely versatile oil, it has quickly become the hottest new trend in personal care... and it’s no wonder why!

What does Coconut Oil do?

This super oil is a cosmetic must-have in any daily beauty routine, soaking your skin in moisture and adding lush hydration to dry, frizzy hair. It nourishes your skin and each hair follicle, making our coconut oil your new favorite addition as you enjoy the bliss of beautiful hydration!

Coconut oil for skin & hair is unique in that it is naturally solid when cold, but has a melting point less than your body temperature. If solid, simply scoop out a desired amount and rub between your hands, place the container in a bowl of hot water to loosen the oil, or put a scoop in a bowl and microwave for a few seconds. Do not place the jar in a microwave as it has a foil seal. Melting your oil will not affect the quality of the product.

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